The Company’s proprietary database software, Virtual 2 (V2), is unique to Progistics and is part of what sets it apart from its competitors, as well the staffing industry as a whole.  The capabilities of the Company’s Account Managers and Recruiters are supported by this highly unique and sophisticated software system.  V2 permits coding and sorting by a large number of candidate attributes and search parameters.  This greatly facilitates the speed as well as the accuracy of the candidate research portion of an assignment.  Progistics can easily search through over 100,000 candidates in its database. 


The following is a list of V2’s capabilities:

•  Scheduling

•  Sort/Search of applicants or any other information in the database

•  Customizable requirements configuration

•  Receive messages regarding changes to staff profiles

•  Automated data population features

•  Remote access through user friendly web interface

•  Recruiter editing capabilities

•  Compliance and competency awareness

•  Digital document storage for staff employment files



Like the V2 database software, Progistics’s website for applicants is unique to the Company.  Progistics actively manages the website and updates it on a regular basis with information on all current and potential emergency staffing events across the country.  It also allows the user to search all available strike and travel assignments and to apply for those positions.  Information about strikes and other emergency staffing events is shown immediately after updating through V2.


With Progistics’s candidate-friendly website and powerful V2 database on the back end, applicants can easily sign up and add their profile information and work history.  This provides a powerful tool for increasing the over one hundred thousand staff already in the database.”