Progistics. Industry-specific led teams. There when you need us.

At Progistics, emergency and strike replacement staffing is all we do. This ensures you will be working with proven, experienced professionals during all stages – from pre-planning to active management during a strike to post-strike transition and evaluation.

Directed by a Process and Implementation Project Manager, who is your primary contact and oversees your account throughout all stages, your Progistics Team will consist of:

• Process & Implementation Project Manager
• Industry Expert
• Recruiting Specialist
• Logistics Manager
• Human Resources Manager
• Payroll Manager

Strike Planning

Before an emergency or strike, our Industry Expert consults directly with you on sizing your manpower requirements and determining the skill sets, licenses and certifications needed for each position. With the information sourced from the Industry Expert, a Recruiting Specialist will tailor a recruiting campaign to ensure all requirements are being met and vet all candidates who express interest in working during the staffing project.

Strike Management

During the strike, our Industry Expert stays on call and assists in scheduling and managing our staff. A Logistics Manager works to facilitate worker access and transportation to and from your facilities, and ensures any temporary housing needs are being provided. In addition, Human Resources and Payroll Managers are involved and ramp up on-site resources to onboard and provide real-time accounting support.

Post-Strike Transition

Just as our objective is to make the transition to Progistics workforce as seamless as possible, with little if any loss in operational capacity, our team is also involved in reintegrating your regular employees.  All team personnel continue in their functions, as necessary, until any outstanding tasks are completed.

Progistics provides strike staffing services to clients in the following industries:

• Airline
• Bottling
• Building Maintenance
• Construction
• Distribution
• Education
• Energy Distribution & Generation
• Food Processing
• Grocery
• Healthcare
• Hospitality
• Manufacturing
• Mining
• Paper & Printing
• Security
• Service & Supply
• Telecommunication
• Transportation



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