Progistics works with you to develop a staffing strategy in the event of work stoppage. 

Your plan is tailored to meet your needs, involving you in every step of the process to ensure we are on target. Together, we will assess:

• Your manpower requirements
• Required skill sets
• Geographic and housing considerations
• Licensing and certification requirements
• Work site access and security issues
• Any other issues of concern, which will need to be addressed

The goal is to effect the transfer of operations in as seamless a manner as possible, such that your customers, prospects, and vendors perceive that their needs are being met and that they can continue to deal with you in confidence.

Pre-strike. During the work stoppage. Post strike. We lay out a detailed, step-by-step plan for you.

Much in the same way your Progistics Team is organized to assist you with your needs, our strike planning and strategy process is comprehensive, identifying and providing the specific tactical steps we will undertake to minimize any potential impact on your operations. This includes all steps we will need to take prior to and in anticipation of a strike, how we manage your staffing needs during the strike, and how we transition back to normal operations once the strike is over.

Is your company negotiating a collective bargaining agreement within the next six months?  Then call today!

Developing the right profile to recruit the right candidates.

Based upon your input and our experience, Progistics will develop a recruiting profile that can quickly and efficiently identify and place the best candidates to fill your staffing needs. And, because emergency and strike staffing is all we do, it is what sets us apart.